What does hose service cost?

Our service fees depend on the type of hose assembly. Come in or give us a call. After receiving your details, we’ll give you a cost estimate on the spot.

How long will it take?

In most cases, we will custom-make your hose assembly right away.

Why use Hose-HQ instead of a mobile hose repair service?

Hose Headquarters stocks thousands of parts including some hard to find fittings. Mobile repair services can’t fit them all on a vehicle.

Why do I need to bring in my broken hose?

When possible, we want to physically verify every detail in order to recreate an accurate duplicate.

Can you cut off one end of the hose and just replace the fitting?

Only if there is ample excess hose and the same brand fitting is used. Also, changing the overall length can affect performance.

Can you still help me if I don’t live in your area?

Yes, just fill out our Hose Repair Quote form or give us a call. We’ll give you the details on how to quickly get your faulty hose assembly replaced. We can make your hose right away and ship the same day. We ship nationwide.

Do you offer 24 hour emergency service?
Yes, if you are in our area call us anytime. We will dispatch an expert technician to help you through an emergency hose failure. Additional charges apply.

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